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Walnut Chest on Chest

This Philadelphia style chest on chest is built with Walnut but the drawer fronts are veneered with Curly Pearwood

A client in the Philadelphia area was interested in a piece to store Native American jewelry and other personal items and was very fond of the grandeur of Philadelphia chests on chests, but preferred restrained ornamentation and didn't have room for the height of a piece with a pediment. So, together we designed a fabulous piece made of Walnut but when I happened across Curly Pearwood veneer for sale, we thought that such veneer would make perfect drawer fronts. Often, drawer fronts were veneered with wonderfully figured veneer. However, Chippendale style pieces were not veneered with a second species of wood. That occurred on earlier William and Mary pieces and later Federal pieces. Nevertheless, we agreed this would make for a beautiful and unique piece. The lower case has a pullout tray.

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