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Connolly Lowboy

Based on surviving examples of Eliphalet Chapin's work and the work of those who worked with and learned from him, this lowboy is part of a pair, matched with a highboy of similar design. Both are made from the same set of curly Cherry, resulting in a beautiful and unique pair.

In 2020, every show on my schedule was cancelled, except the Mt. Vernon Colonial Market Fair. It was to be my first year exhibiting in that event because it was outside. However, I had invested in a spectacular reproduction tent from Tentsmiths and I felt confident I could manage the risk of an outdoor show. It was during that weekend that I met Mr. and Mrs. Connolly who commissioned a highboy and asked for it to be made from curly Cherry. I found a beautiful set at Irion Lumber and suggested that there was enough to make a matching mate. They agreed to the idea. This lowboy is based on measurements, drawings, and photographs I took of an original Eliphalet Chapin lowboy held at the Hartford (CT) Historical Society Museum. The joinery between the sides and legs is somewhat complicated, in that the four tenons are draw-bored with the holes through the tenons being slightly elongated to allow for seasonal movement. Only the two middle tenons are glued. The drawers are joined with hand cut dovetails, and the feet and fans I hand carved. The hardware is from Horton Brasses and the finish is oil and shellac.

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