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Chippendale Wingback Chair

Wingback chair constructed from mahogany and white oak

Last year, I met a lady at Byers' Choice American Artisan Show who visits Indiana every summer. She wondered if she could visit my shop on her next visit to Indiana (where I live). I was glad to invite her and she and her father came a few months later. While at my shop, she saw some beautiful crotch Walnut boards that I had lying against the wall. She asked what I was going to make with them and I told her I didn't yet know. She wondered what would be a great use of them and I said I thought a desk would be perfect. So, we discussed a slant top desk for her out of that Walnut. A few weeks later, she emailed to ask if I still had the bureau that she had seen at the Byers' Choice Show and if so, she would like to buy it. I replied that I had it still and would love for her to have it. Since then, we have discussed the commissioning of several other pieces, one of which is this Wingback Chair made out of Genuine Mahogany and White Oak. Above the legs, it will be completely upholstered with her choice of fabric. It is based on a John Townsend chair that I have pictured in a book of mine. It is finished below the seat rails with umber artists' oil, linseed oil, glaze, and shellac.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Justin at the 2014 Byer's Choice Show in Pennsylvania and admired all of his furniture, but particularly a Queen Anne black walnut bureau. I could not get that piece out of my mind and was fortunate to be able to purchase it shortly thereafter. Since that time it has been my privilege to work with Justin on the creation of several individualized 18th Century pieces including a ball and claw wing chair and black walnut pipe box. At another show I found a Queen Anne cherry tilt top table that now sits in my living room. With Justin's guidance I have commissioned several additional pieces, including a Bombe desk. There is no limit to Justin's expertise, patience, or willingness to meet every possible expectation of a client. The finish on each of Justin's pieces maximizes the beauty of the wood and highlights its graceful lines. I look forward to working with Justin on the additional pieces over the next year. Each piece is a work of art that combines the beauty of nature with Justin's creative vision."
-Wendy Williams, Haddonfield, NJ

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