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Tufft Lowboy

Mahogany Lowboy with cabriole legs and ball and claw feet

The Philadelphia Museum of Art allowed me to measure, photograph, and take patterns off of, the famous Thomas Tufft lowboy in their collection. That study of such a wonderful example of proportion, restrained embellishment, and execution became the inspiration for this lowboy commission. I chose a single slab of genuine Mahogany for all the parts except the legs, which came from a different board of genuine Mahogany. The single wide top was planed to thickness by hand and all the joints were fit by hand. The moldings, feet, and carvings were also all shaped by hand consistent with all of the furniture I build. While not a reproduction of the Tufft Lowboy, this piece bears strong resemblance to the original and is built to last just as long and to be a treasure to its owner and a delight to those who see and use it.

"Hi Justin!
Every person that has seen your new pieces is awestruck! They absolutely can't get over how beautiful they are and the detail of each. I have hung the mirror so they can see all the pieces in the proper place. The carving and wood on the lowboy literally sparkle in the light with a golden glow. Each person is amazed at your placement of the wood and how it adds to the beauty of the pieces. And then they visit by sitting in your chair!! I haven't put anything in or on either of the pieces so they can look at each detail and marvel. All love the restrained carving. I try to teach them as much as I can about each piece as they view it. They can't wait to see what is coming next!"

-email from owner

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