Wolf Piano Bench

Dovetailed walnut piano bench

I received a request for a piano bench made of Walnut and with a very special top. The client and I began exchanging sketches until I received a particular side view sketch which became this bench. With this sketch in hand, I began to design its construction. I decided on a large dovetail key to hold the legs together, and large dovetails at each corner to express real craftsmanship and to provide structural integrity. I made a special stop at Irion Lumber to select four possible tops, each having superior figure. I photographed them and allowed the client to select one. That became the top, which is attached to the box with "invisible hinges" so that no hardware is visible from the outside as requested by the client. The bottom of the box is a frame and panel construction to allow for seasonal movement. This project was a collaboration between maker and client resulting in a absolutely unique and stunning piece of furniture.