Theroux Fall Front Desk

Slant front desk made of tiger maple

At a recent show, the client who commissioned this Tiger Maple Slant Front Desk visited my booth for the fourth year in a row. Knowing that, in the past, he had some interest in a desk, I asked if he were still were interested in a desk. He said that he was. We began discussing what size and style and then we looked at some of the desks pictured in Wallace Nutting's catalogue of period furniture. He saw two he liked but thought he would make some minor changes to each. We briefly made a list of some preferred design elements and I told him I would think on the design and contact him after the show. He made a deposit so on the way home I stopped at Irion Lumber to purchase a flitch of superior Tiger Maple. Upon my return home, I emailed him my ideas about design and hardware and he agreed. I told him I would make a scale sketch and a full size drawing of the desk and send them to him. When he received them, he approved of the design and eagerly told me to start building. What you see is the result of our cooperation to produce for Mr. Theroux an heirloom desk in Tiger Maple with a finish of aniline dyes, linseed oil, shellac, and wax.