Maksimak Firescreen

Mahogany Firescreen and embroidery frame with holly stringing

While at a show at which I was exhibiting, the client who commissioned this firescreen asked if I had ever heard of the "Mellerstain" firescreen. I had not but she explained that it was a famous firescreen as much for the incredible embroidery work as for the firescreen frame. She asked if I could reproduce the frame because she had copied the embroidery. I said that I could and this piece is the result. The embroidery was absolutely stunning and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to build a firescreen frame for it. The wood is genuine Mahogany and the stringing is Holly. One special feature of this piece is that the crotch veneer in the top rail is from an Apple tree from my property. A storm had broken off a branch which I then saved because I thought it had some crotch figure. When I received this commission, I thought I would saw that broken branch and see if it would work. I was able to cut a few small pieces of veneer for this piece. The finish is aniline dyes, oil, and shellac. The stringing was all sealed with shellac before the rest of the piece was finished. The embroidery is protected with Museum quality glass.