Lyre back Chair

Mahogany Lyre back chair with leather seat

I received a commission to reproduce this original Duncan Phyfe Lyre-Back chair. The original was built in the early 1800s and now belongs to a client living just north of Boston as part of a set. This particular chair also needs repair to the Lyre. The commission is very exciting since it allows me the opportunity to study, and reproduce, an original American masterpiece. The chair is made of Mahogany. The seat is leather. The crest rail is shaped entirely by hand. The Lyre is tenoned into the crest rail and the lower splat rail. The rosettes are turned and applied. The crest rail has a recess, chiseled out by hand, with a Crotch Mahogany veneer glued in place. The chair is stained and finished to match the original.

© 2017 Justin Kauffman