Flannery Coast Guard Officer Chest

Chest constructed out of white oak, with maritime details

This piece was commissioned by a Coast Guard officer and so has some special maritime embellishments. The case and aprons are constructed of hand-cut dovetails. The rope carving is hand-turned and carved. The lid is a solid lid with breadboard ends, mortise and tenoned together with wooden pegs. This will allow for expansion and contraction of the lid, especially since this chest is going from Michigan to Seattle. The lid also features a hand made Coast Guard Officers' crest inlaid in the center with a hand made border of Ebony and Holly stringing. We found a maker of traditional tied rope handles (called beckets) and they are attached on the sides. The chest is made of white oak, with aromatic cedar panels on the bottom. There is also a sliding cedar tray inside for keepsakes.

© 2017 Justin Kauffman