The couple that commissioned this chair knew that they wanted something beautiful and unique.  They did not know, initially, what form they wanted this object to take.  After some time browsing through furniture catalogues and other furniture books, the couple decided on an oval-back chair, which is a Baltimore design from the late 1700's.  The particular chair that caught their attention was a chair held in the DeWitt-Wallace Museum in Colonial Williamsburg.  With the help of the staff at Colonial Williamsburg I was able to obtain many photographs of the original and one other chair of similar design. With this information, I drew a few sketches incorporating the changes they wanted to make.  When they had chosen one of those sketches that they liked best, I then made a full scale draft of the chair, which they approved, and began construction.  The clients chose Tiger Maple for the species. The chair is constructed entirely of mortises and hand cut tenons. The shaping is done entirely by hand with spokeshave, rasp, file, and card scraper.   


"Dear Justin and Audra, 

        Justin, the chair is so very beautiful.  We enjoy and appreciate this fine piece of skill and workmanship.  The process was interesting and educational from the start. Thank you for adding to our memories."         -Chris and Laurie Riegler