For this desk, my client wanted somethng to replace the stock, store-bought desk he had owned for years with something that would be custom designed and built, be sturdy, and last a long time. It is designed with four corner legs.  All joints are dovetails or mortise and tenon joints, and some of the members of the case are extra  thick so that they can accept the joinery and the weight that hangs on them since there are only four legs.  The bottom drawers are designed for storing hanging file folders.  All panels are solid hardwood with a bevel on the outside face. The case is painted maple while the top is a massive cherry slab, hand planed and shaped with a curve on the front side and then stained and finished with polyurethane. This is truly a desk designed and built to discriminating standards with generations in mind.


Dear Justin,

I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the open process and end product (Home Office Desk) that you helped me create.  I am extremely excited about owning a custom designed-constructed piece of fine furniture that will be used for generations in my family.

I had owned a store bought assembly type desk that served its short purpose after a couple moves and gyrations in my homes.  I started to visit various furniture and specialty stores for ideas on my next executive office style desk.  Unfortunately after a year of finding various components of desks that I liked, I could not find one that suited my preferences so I went down an alternative path - the internet.

I recall being up late on various occasions entering endless key words in my searches to ultimately find a site that contained independent custom furniture makers, not manufacturers.  This is where I found Kauffman Fine Furniture.  I also wanted to find someone located within a couple state radius so I could visit their shop and speak with the owner/craftsman.  I researched the website and then contacted Justin to discuss the process.

Justin explained his experience and construction methodology as well as the general process for a creation of my home office desk.  I then described some basic preferences about the desk and Justin always asked solid questions and gave ideas when he felt it appropriate so it was very collaborative throughout the process.  I would guess it took me approximately two to three months to finalize an end product drawing.  As we got closer to the final drawing, Justin created some base drawings that helped me visualize the desk and refine it.  I then made a visit to Justins workshop during a a business visit in his direction.  I wanted to see the workshop and finally discuss the almost finished drawings to gain a comfort level before finalizing the drawing an making a deposit.

I had never ventured down the path of a custom designed product of this size and expense.  The process can take as much and as little time as you want it, and I have learned again that patience is a good thing when you are satisfied with the end result.  Justin was extremely helpful throughout the process and never pressured me about my decisions other than to make sure it would work structurally.

Thanks again for your insight, professionalism, and custom craftmanship. 

Sincerely yours,

Aaron Remy