Inspired by the client's love of history, archaeology, and nature, this pomegranate table, as we call it, is diminutive but elaborate. It features Genuine Mahogany, reeded and fluted legs, crotch Mahogany veneer, bandings made of Ebony, Holly, and Mahogany, carved pomegranates and foliage, and an inlaid, sand-shaded pomegranate. The pomegranate motif is inspired by a small, ivory pomegranate discovered in Israel that is the only known, extant artifact from King Solomon's Temple (950BC-587BC).  The design of the inlaid pomegranate is based on a photo of that artifact featured in Biblical Archaeology Review.
The client had a small space in her entryway and wanted something beautiful to fit that space. Above this table will hang a companion mirror.