Heavily influenced by Nathaniel Gould's block front furniture from Salem, Massachusetts around 1775, this Walnut desk features ball and claw feet, shell carvings, 20 drawers, document boxes, secret compartments, and single wide boards for the sides, as well as a beautiful single piece of crotch Walnut for the top. Demanding just over 400 hours, the desk has reproduction hardware from Ball and Ball Hardware and a finish consisting of linseed oil tinted with artists' oil, colored grain filler, and garnet shellac. All of the Walnut lumber used for this desk I personally harvested and had milled, with the single exception of the crotch piece for the top. The piece is a commission for a client in New Jersey.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Justin at the 2014 Byers' Show in Pennsylvania and admired all of his furniture, but particularly a Queen Anne black walnut bureau. I could not get that piece out of my mind and was fortunate to be able to purchase it shortly thereafter. Since that time it has been my privilege to work with Justin on the creation of several individualized 18th Century pieces including a ball and claw wing chair and black walnut pipe box. At another show I found a Queen Anne cherry tilt top table that now sits in my living room. With Justins guidance I have commissioned several additional pieces, including a Bombe desk. There is no limit to Justins expertise, patience, or willingness to meet every possible expectation of a client. The finish on each of Justins pieces maximizes the beauty of the wood and highlights its graceful lines. I look forward to working with Justin on the additional pieces over the next year. Each piece is a work of art that combines the beauty of nature with  Justin's creative vision."
-Wendy Williams, Haddonfield, NJ