Lori and Mark were doing some redecorating and had an entryway that was a difficulty for them. The problem was that the staircase curved as it went upstairs leaving an unusual curved wall right inside their entry door. They saw me at the Indianapolis Home Show and contacted me after the show was over. We met together and discussed possible designs. We also discussed wood species, color, and embellishments. The main design element needed was a top and shelf that conformed to the curved wall. They also wanted a table that could be turned around if ever they put it somewhere else. So I took measurements and produced a sketch for them. I also took a pack of English Walnut veneer that I had and let Lori choose where the top and shelf would be cut from that veneer. Thus, the top and shelf have identical veneer patterns having come from sequential cuts in the veneer cutting process. This table is the result of our collaborative efforts.  It is made of American Black Walnut and English Walnut veneer.


Here are a few photos.  I hope they are OK.

Thanks again.  We love the table.



-Noblesville, IN