Over two years ago, a couple approached me at show having seen a photo of one of my pieces in the newspaper advertising the show.  They said, having seen my piece in the paper, that they wanted me to build them a dresser.  They wanted it to match their existing bedroom suite.  However, they could not yet commission the piece since they would have to save for it.  Two years later at the same show, they made their deposit, and a few months later I began work on this mid-century French dresser, heavily ornamented and made and finished to match.  This dresser is made of maple with the top and drawers veneered with  striking English Walnut.  I carved the foliage based on an original piece of their bedroom suite that they had sent with me to repair. I colored and finished it to fit in. The next to last photo in this sequence is the original that I matched, although the new piece is a tall dresser on the request of the clients.