After exhibiting at the Milwaukee Fine Furnishings Show, I began discussing this design with a client from the Milwaukee area.  Having met at the show, we were able to get a good start on the project when the client showed to me some photos of some similar pieces he liked.  He wanted something customized to his space and crafted with the quality he could see went into my work.  Over the next two months and via email, we discussed design options, embellishments, and finish.  The client decided on a Mahogany table, simple in structure, but elevated in aesthetic appeal by  stringing and inlay on all four rails.  The top has a custom profile and was carved by hand. The final product is the result of eight months of consultation and cooperation.


"Of all the meticulous handcrafted furniture displayed by each exhibitor at the Milwaukee Fine Furnishing Show Justin's heirloom quality pieces drew me to his booth. I love traditional furniture and after discussing the styles and details of period furniture with Justin I felt he knew exactly how to help me. I sent him pictures of select family furniture which I knew from an early age; from there he incorporated all of my favorite design details into this table. In the end Justin produced an heirloom piece which I love. Justin's craftsmanship and dedication made it a pleasure to work with him!"

-Brett Brown, Milwaukee, WI

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